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In nineteen sixty’s the style of rock music developed in England. The style Rockabilly is a mixture of rock and roll, country, blues, and classical, electric blues. The instruments used to provoke rock music are electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards. There is a list of stars who made a great record are Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, and Little Richard. In early 1970’s several types of rock is present, roots rock, glam rock, soft rock, hard rock, Christian rock. There are some special albums Fozzy, 'Judas', Rex Brown, 'Smoke on This', Hollywood Undead, 'Five'Ded, 'Mis-An-Thrope', Living Color, 'Shade', and Fireball Ministry, 'Remember the Story'. The bands that should be creative and innovative to explore new music is important, there are plenty of bands that create music, makes the people addicted to it, those bands are Liturgy, Alabama shakes, Screaming females, Forth wanderers, Destruction unit. It is based on number of musicians who is going to perform a rock like two members, three members and four members.